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Kemetic Blue is an Egyptian Architect & Illustrator based in Rodez, France. Before moving to France, he worked on a number of projects in World Heritage sites, such as the Giza Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. His illustrations have been published in French, Swiss & Finish publications as well as exhibited in Cairo, Alexandria, Skopje, Montreal, Paris & Nantes. In his illustrations he explores the elimination of scale between architecture and objects. Playfully blurring and confusing the line that defines what is an object and what is a building, creating a world within a world through a non perspective lense. In his Maquette Workshop series, he examines themes of production inspired by ancient Egyptian wooden workshop maquettes, as well as daily  scenes of production  found in tombs. 


Rodez (FR)

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F_A.G_KemeticBlue_Maquette Workshop NøVII_detail.jpg
F_A.G_KemeticBlue_Maquette Workshop NøIX_detail.jpg
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