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Maquette Workshop N°VII
  • Maquette Workshop N°VII

    € 160,00Price


    • author

    • year


    • dimensions

      24cm x 30cm

    • materiality

      pigments on 100% cotton paper

    • category


    • pieces

      10 pieces L.E.

    • description

      Ideas being born underground and then gradually growing to impact the streets was, and still is, the transforming force for most societies. What if there was a continuous generator of ideas, a factory that does not cease to produce all thoughts and knowledge!   The space is rooted to the ground, and close to the streets yet hidden. A single open space where ideas roam freely without barriers, encouraging interactions and  fostering experimentations. A self-sufficient space that produces its own raw materials (Papyrus paper) to ensure the continuous production of ideas. Ideas that are continuously brainstormed, cooked, processed, produced, replicated and eventually disseminated to the streets. 

    • process

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      e-shop soon available

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