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​© Jef Jacobs

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Architect Theo De Meyer lives and works in Ghent, Belgium. De Meyer moves between architecture, design and the arts, often reconciling the various disciplines in his projects. He plays with context and scale, interprets and transforms, creating new worlds from the act of building. 

In addition to his work as an architect, De Meyer is also teaching. Collaboration plays an important role in his cross-disciplinary practice. He and doorzon interieur architecten together represent the core of the modular collective Stand Van Zaken (‘State of Affairs’), who create furniture and architecture in collaboration with specialists in various fields.

Driven by the shared enthusiasm of its members, Stand van Zaken supports the creation and development of objects, buildings and ideas.

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​© Joselito Verschaeve


​© Joselito Verschaeve

F_A.G_Theo De Meyer_Reduction Piece.jpg

​© Joselito Verschaeve

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