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Stefan Wülser is an architect

who proficiently deals with the

cultural and political implications

of design and building projects on

different scales and in different

constellations. He questions both

the way spaces are programmed

and the processes of their

production and construction.

The open-ended work puts

everything up for debate: from

a-priori quality features such as

specificity and permanence to the

question of a contemporary and

responsible approach to luxury.

With a radical focus on the future,

the young zurich-based office

develops projects that do not seek

sustainability through renunciation,

but through an unconditional

confrontation with the conditions

of the present.



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    The H190GRID sideboards, desks, shelves, walls

    make use of a series of techniques that we tested

    and applied in the most diverse scales of our work.

    /// 1 the typical connections of the light shaft grids

    use clamps and interlocks to connect materials

    non-destructively. contrary to their actual purpose,

    these are not used for mounting on external parts,

    but for connecting several grids. /// 2 the construct

    uses only one part that is not generically available

    from the catalogue: in this case, the locally cnc-cut

    mdf boards. their use multiplies the performance of

    all the other materials found. /// 3 due to the clear

    structure, which distributes tensile and compressive

    forces neatly among the materials used, there

    is hardly any material ageing caused by stress.

    galvanised threaded rods pull the grates together.

    the mdf boards placed in between absorb the

    pressure and create a rigid whole.

    the parts used are all easily available as found

    objects or generic catalogue goods and are only

    nobilised by the specifically cut mdf parts. these in

    turn can be created locally by any digitally equipped

    carpenter without preparation - a service found

    within 1000m in any large city.

    Used materials for a triple shelf / table combination:

    galvanised light shaft grids + galvanised safety

    clamps + galvanised grid connectors + galvanised

    M8 threaded bars + M8 nuts + custom mdf-boards


    ​© Maxime Prananto


    ​© Maxime Prananto


    ​© Maxime Prananto

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