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Wilhelm IV
  • Wilhelm IV

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    • author

    • year


    • dimensions

      42cm x 29,7cm

    • materiality

      transparent paper

    • category


    • pieces

      5 pieces L.E.

    • description

      The work deals with four mountains that have a relevance in the life of the artist.The contours and lines known to the viewer are visually known to us all.
      But the digital glitches create abstract shapes and constructs that break the regularity of the contour line, make it seem wild and create something completely new. Through the print and the blurring on the paper sculptural two-dimensional images are created.

    • process

      Digital creation process:
      The contour lines were drawn by hand and by connecting them, the depicted shapes are created.

      Through the process of printing on transparent paper, on which the color slightly runs and becomes diffuse, a sculptural-looking image is created.

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