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Project 129
  • Project 129

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      29,7 x 42 cm

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      The A3 booklet comprises a standard set of execution drawings—from siteplan, to plans, sections, elevations, details, tables and quantities. Although the booklet is submitted as an art piece, it is actually a project that is “up for sale”.

      In architecture, projects are not really meant to be sold in galleries, or exist out- side of given briefs, plots, clients, and comissions. Yet, for us it is an intellectual object that matters, it is an art piece of sorts that gets to be built or not.

      The booklet can be purchased with or without the intention of constructing a house. Architects can be contacted, drawings can be discussed. Project 129 gets going.

    • process

      Project 129 is a house that was meant to be built in 2021 in the suburbs of Porto. For a multitude of reasons it didn’t happen. Project execution was done, budgets were calculated. Folder 129 was moved out of “ongoing projects”.

      The concise volume is composed with three acts—the curved, the stepped and the slanted surfaces. The agreeable figure is wrapped in a striped cloth that is then purposely broken by two stubborn windows. Necessary partitions, steps, doors and a column find their way within the non linear object. The house has two personalities; one is a smooth minimalist and an introvert, it turns its back on you; the other is exuberant and edgy, it doesn’t shy away and it’s ready to pick a fight.

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