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Posacesare Aurelio
  • Posacesare Aurelio

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    • author

    • year


    • dimensions

      L 25 ; W 17; H 40 cm

    • materiality

      ceramic and rubber

    • category

      object of use

    • pieces

      20 pieces L.E.

    • description

      Posacesare is a project born from the italian naïve union of two words: posacenere (ashtray) and Cesare. POSACESARE is an object of an ambiguous, contradictory and irreverent nature. His claim is simultaneously to raise the status of the ashtray and at the same time to desecrate the historical consciousness of the bust by relegating it to a mere functional object. POSACESARE is the result of an operation of subtraction of two archetypal symbols from their relative semantic fields of meaning consolidated over the years. POSACESARE is nothing more than a bust of Caesar with an ashtray at its upper end.

    • process

      Posacesare is created using a three-dimensional digital model. Printed in 3D, it is then used as a base to create a negative mold in polyurethane resin. This finally, divided into two parts then held together by a bolted shirt, is used to be filled with a compound of resin and sand, which are applied by hand in order to make it a unique object, different finishes according to preference.

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