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  • HPT

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    • dimensions

      L 89 W 53; H  52cm 


    • materiality

      MDF VALCHROMAT® in different combinations of colors

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    • pieces

      10 pieces L.E.

    • description

      HPT (Holding pieces together) is a demountable piece of furniture constructed entirely from Valchromat colored MDF pieces.
      HPT is interpretable, untethered and free to be used in different ways: as a coffee table, shelf, sculpture, bookcase, container, display, play device or other.

      HPT is an open form, accessible from all sides. It is presented as the superposition of 3 shelves of various shapes and sizes, supported by 2 crossed vertical dividers, marked by holes and openings to form four quadrants, each different in shape and size.

    • process

      The object is mounted without any screws, pegs or pivots. Only two wedges lock the first and last planes to one of the vertical elements, while the middle plane is interposed between the two by slots.
      The object, made from paste-colored Valcrohmat MDF sheets by CNC milling, is hand-finished in detail. Protective finishing is carefully done with Rubio MONOCOAT linseed oil.

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