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  • Fern

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    • author

    • year


    • dimensions

      100cm x 70cm

    • materiality

      pen on paper

    • category


    • pieces

      5 pieces L.E.

    • description

      Upon the recommendation of a friend, I embarked on the task of draw- ing a fern leaf. Their structure, repetitive and light, mesmerized me. Speaking from a non-science background, it seems as if the overall form of a fern leaf repeats itself in each branch until it becomes minutely small.

    • process

      This illustration of a fern leaf was produced by studying examples found in my former neighborhood in Montreal. The different branches of the leaf were outlined in groups and then stitched together into the final composition, after which the outlines were carefully filled in with dots using .05 and .10 mm lining pens.

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