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Carpenter sofa and lamp
  • Carpenter sofa and lamp

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    • dimensions

      L 160; W 80; H  70cm 


    • materiality

      corrugated steel rods, plywood panels, solid wood, insulating sheaths, plastic ties

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    • pieces

      5 pieces L.E.

    • description

      Carpenter is a low, comfortable, and flexible sofà with variable seat height, composed of metal elements, wood laths, and heat insulation pipes inspired by the aesthetics of the construction site. Completely demountable, it is held together thanks to wooden elements that pinch the metal rods. The seat is covered with soft, comfortable blue elements made of insulation pipes. The support elements are derived from the coupling of hardwood wedges, the presence or absence of which allows different types of seating.

    • process

      Corrugated steel rods, wooden scraps, insulating sheaths... Before being covered, dismanteled, definitly hidden from view or lost, this abacus of materials, of shapes, of formworks all of a sudden reveal to us an alternative potencial.
      In the construction site’s ephemeral realm of autenticity we want to celebrate work, assembling a seat which is the result of a direct physical experience with building materials whose aim is to put in value possibility as well as ambuiguity.

      Carpenter sofa is the icon of construction, eulogy of the exploration of the ordinary, where even the smallest gesture is an invention.

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