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Achttien Rek
  • Achttien Rek

    € 4.500,00Price


    • author

      Haring & Voud

    • year


    • dimensions

      L 182; W 28; H 107cm 


    • materiality

      recycled plastic

    • cathegory


    • pieces


    • description

      at first glance 
      one sees lines, surfaces and volumes in a singular material with a terrazzo-like appearance, 
      delineating three objects with a clearly legible use, 
      describing archetypes of chest, stool and shelf. 

      a closer look 
      reveals recognisable scraps of packaging in the surface, 
      and a softer and warmer touch than one might expect. 
      relations between size, shape and proportions of individual components become more apparent, 
      more intricate correlations begin to dawn. 

    • process

      is made entirely out of recycled plastics from different waste streams.
      discarded plant pots, packaging and PET plastics get a new life as sheet material.
      panels measure one by two meters with a thickness of two centimeters. 
      laid out by hand, every panel has a unique appearance.
      is a result of an ideological intention that led to a strict design methodology.
      the process is based on a zero-waste principle.
      determined by the dimensions and characteristics of the material, the furniture’s proportions and dimensions are set to maximise the use of material and thus minimise waste and scrap.
      at the end of their life cycle, the pieces can be easily dismantled and recycled.

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