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Milano Design Week 2021

7th - 18th September 2021

at Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura

AAP All About Perspective
ABACO collaborative design studio
AJDVIV Architecten Jan De Vylder Inge Vinck
Lucia Amaddeo
Appercè Bettini Kim
Atelier Duccio Maria Gambi
Marco Barazzuoli
Matteo Bimbi
Sara Bozzini
Eleonora Castagnetta Botta
Sam Chermayeff Office
Aldo Deli
Matteo Di Ciommo
Thomas Dreezen
Fabio Don
EMBODIES Alba Abiad and Naveen Josè
Haring & Voud
Kopec Verstraete
Pia Matthes
McIver-Ek Chevroulet
Ortalli Verrier
Maxime Prananto
Eugenio Thiella
Wissel architecture studio
Vitali studio

ICONS generate identity, in many contexts of everyday life. Icons are the input that do generate in everybody’s mind the association between a word and an image. 


IRONY is in our opinion one of the most significative and challenging quality in the life of an individual, and why not in the life of an object. 


This quality denote brilliant minds, able to live life in an intense and intricate way, experimenting, revolutionizing and enjoying their time. 


The authoritative Wikipedia states that irony consists in affirming the opposite of what one really think with the purpose of ridicule or stress concepts causing sometimes a laugh or in certain cases trespassing to sarcasm. 




We subscribe affirming for example that, if one interprete just a fragment of it, a drill can appear as the armrest of a sofa, and that the sofa itself can suddenly appear as a heavy and hard piece of marble, but unexpectedly be a composition of foam volumes as the marvelous piece of forniture ZETEL, part of F / A FakeAuthentic 2019. 


Irony is a fundamental tool for architects and designers, a chance to experience new perspectives and overcome the clichè of the collective imaginary. 


ICONIC IRONIC is a juxtaposition of two themes, two terms that if deepen can reveal an enormous creative potential. At the same time if one overlap, mix, turn inside out those two words coincidentally one will generate a series of new and unique, refined and special worlds. 


Generating smiles. And light heartedness.

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