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"I am an architect, illustrator and food designer who loves to draw and who is currently based in Zurich. I work organically in the field of architecture and food design using drawing as a communication tool. Drawing is for me a method of analytical deconstruction of reality into surfaces, textures, and lines to be transformed into a world of dreams and magic.

I studied at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio in Switzerland and at TU Delft in Holland and then obtained a Master’s degree in Food Design at the SPD in Milan.

My work as been published by several magazines among which Ambrosia Magazine, Drift Magazine, Frammenti Rivista, Fem Pop, Rivista Blam, the Preserve Journal and Brillo Magazine.
My work has been exhibited at the Fake/Authentic - Iconic/Ironic Edition curated by AMArchitectrue and at the Belgian Art & Design Fair."


Zurich (CH)

  • Drift Magazine, 2019, London

  • Ambrosia Magazine, 2019, London

  • Fem Pop, 2021, The Queen's Issue

  • Rivista Blam, 2021

  • Brillo Magazine, 2022

  • The Preserve Journal, 2022, Issue N.8

  • Instagram
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