Milano Design Week 2019

7th – 18th September 2019
at MAS Museo d’Arte e Scienza
Pictures by Jacopo Valentini

Laboratorio Bìu Theo De Meyer + Stefanie Everaert Giovanni Benedetti + Errante Architetture Vg13 + Hus Linea 33 Opere Varie Otto De Vylder + Natan Ulens Aslltk Alba Abiad & Naveen Jose Stephan Lando Studio Vlora Convoid & Gregorio Lioce Francesca Mirone Céline Bianchi & Atelier Aveque

In occasion of Fuorisalone 2019 we selected 15 young and talented architects.
From all over the world.

We asked them to design a piece of furniture to be exhibit dealing with the theme of F / A FakeAuthentic.

We asked them to design a piece of furniture not only to be shown but also to be tested. Each visitors of our exhibition in fact were invited to sit on a nice chair, to switch on a lamp, to put a book on a shelf, to gently lie on a piece of soft marble.

Our willing as architects is to bring back the role of our work, also in the nowadays fancy and commercial world of design.
We do it differently. It’s tangible, practical and scrupolous. Construction, details, necessities, uses and functionality, versatility, Authenticity, Fake. 

Our first F / A FakeAuthentic collection claims back and affirm with loud voice the respect that youngsters (and not only) deserves.

Each piece presented is not only a nice (or ugly up to taste) piece. It is a period of life of each participant. It tells the story of thoughts, efforts, ideas, pencils, models, pencil again and then prototypes, phone calls, struggles, money, struggles, way out, your piece, travel, presentation and celebration.

Each piece shows a personality, collective or individual.
Each piece is a precise result of a process.
Each piece is made up of ideas, standing in a drawer for many years, waiting for a chance to be taken. 

Through F / A FakeAuthentic we love the fact that we made something happen.
As architects, curators one can say, creators, we made something happen.

This is our F / A FakeAuthentic. Proudly.
Less Fake more Authentic.