Errante Architetture

ErranteArchitetture is an architecture collective established by Sarah Becchio and Paolo Borghino. The studio is particularly interested in the narrative and poetic side of the project through the use of simple construction methods, raw materials and naked details. Model making, drawing, free experimentation are the means by which Errante Architetture pursue the project, conveying its authentic research into architecture, bespoke furniture, installations. Sarah and Paolo gained academic and professional experience in Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, China and Netherlands. Their projects have been widely published, exhibited in various contexts including the Venice Biennale (2016, 2021), and have been awarded with  Premio Maggia, the Young Talent in Italian Architecture Award, the BAUWELT AWARD, and the ARCHITETTI ARCO ALPINO Award. Next to the professional activity they are involved in teaching at Politecnico, IAAD and IED in Turin.


  • Davide T. Ferrando, “Esperimento. Laboratorio 1:1, Sperimentare in architettura”,in IQD 55, April/June 2019 a cura di Stefano Pujatti
  • BAUWELT 1-2.2015, DAS ERSTE HAUS PREIS 2015, Germany Wood and the Dog
  • CASABELLA 832, StudioErrante Architetture. Wood and the Dog. 2013