Back in Italy after many experiences together and many separated, Nicolò and Francesco founded the DENARA studio in the city where they were born: Ravenna.

A feeling of love for their homeland, Romagna, and more generally for Italy, slowly matured during their formative years. With the strong conviction that the provinces constitute the present and the future of their country, the mission they have set themselves is to bring home what they have learned, innovating in the system that they believe is most subject to a strong cultural crisis today.

In a historical moment in which the diaspora of young professionals fuels a movement of depopulation and consequent impoverishment of Italy’s historic centers, they believe in the strong need to create a system and reinvigorate a social-urban fabric that has been trying to renew itself with difficulty and discontinuity for too long.


  • “Breve riflessione sull’architettura domestica” on Cityvision magazine - 2020
  • “Lelefante - Restoration and scientific rehabilitation of historic house” on DOMUS, DIVISARE, AREA, ARCHELLO, INTERNI 2021
  • “Casa come città” on Other Spaces Exhibition Melbourne Design Week - 2022