Eva-collective Eva- , an abbreviation of the word evanescent, is a multidisciplinary collective. We chose this adjective because we would like to underline the contents and leave a trace. Individuals with different interests and aptitudes, united with the aim to build and give shape to an artistic expression that coherently manifests in every project.

Maxime Prananto

Maxime Prananto runs a design practice of interventions in architecture and art spaces.It deals in the simultaneous design and production of objects, scenography, furniture, exhibitions and sculpture. While its output is varied, each undertaking relies on a voluntary set of conceptual and physical boundaries. Underlying themes of the practice include manufacturing, logistics and iconography in […]


Back in Italy after many experiences together and many separated, Nicolò and Francesco founded the DENARA studio in the city where they were born: Ravenna. A feeling of love for their homeland, Romagna, and more generally for Italy, slowly matured during their formative years. With the strong conviction that the provinces constitute the present and […]

Sam Chermayeff Office

Sam Chermayeff Office is architecture and design endevor. And, Sam is also the co- founder of the office June14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff. The offices are engaGing in a wide range of projects including furniture, installations, interiors, and apartment buildings. Sam Chermayeff Office has an extended interest in how we live alone and together.

Errante Architetture

ErranteArchitetture is an architecture collective established by Sarah Becchio and Paolo Borghino. The studio is particularly interested in the narrative and poetic side of the project through the use of simple construction methods, raw materials and naked details. Model making, drawing, free experimentation are the means by which Errante Architetture pursue the project, conveying its […]