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Milano Design Week 2022

8th - 12th June 2022


Bach Mühle Fuchs
Marta Malinverni
Ortalli Verrier
Vidisha Aggarwal + Seetharam Vallabhaneni
Fabio Don
Deniz Yenidogan
Beatrice Carolina Gambato
Sam Ghantousl
Marco Zelli
Seetharam Vallabhaneni
Piccolli - Sophie & Eugenio
Danila Saulino



We see MISTAKES as a crucial and symbolic moment in the creative process.

We all know well how MISTAKES can enlighten hidden discoveries revealing unpredictable inventions.


MISTAKES are commonly imagined as a moment of improvement, a new era in the production phase.

A stage by which problems becomes possibility.


MISTAKES goes hand-in-hand with curiosity and ambition.

Curiosity and ambition are pivoting milestones for human species often revealing inventions and intentions. newTAKES.


MISTAKES are coincidences. With a certain irony.

That kind of coincidences which becomes leitmotiv, mottos and story-telling of a piece of history or a piece of art, whatever art means.




MISTAKES never comes alone. Rather with accept, improve, intensify, stress out, neglect or deny.

In each of this gesture a personal attitude will result, intensifying the relation between the TAKER and the MISTAKE(R).


MISTAKES are moments of detachment, a temporary divorce between the Master and its Piece.

Those moments open up an undiscovered spectrum of research we like to imagine as a brain-accelerator.


MISTAKES are often unrevealed.


Deepen investigations and profound questioning reveals MISTAKES and when this happens those intelligent creatives land safely into the field of challenging typologies which suddenly could turn in new prototypes ready to become old stereotypes.


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