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"We cultivate our ability to be surprised, to be fascinated by unexpected encounters and discoveries. By careful observations of everyday life. By exciting experiments, tests and prototypes. The projects are developed as narratives, based on these observations and experiments. No one really knows how it ends. They do not aim at revealing the grandiose, nor the grandiloquent, nor the sublime. They are assemblages of characters, scenes, objects, places, phenomena: anchor points whose beauty emerges from their scrupulous assembly, from their interaction in the project. It is about taking advantage of what exists. About highlighting opportunities. About a subjective interpretation of the situation as found. About a careful selection of the qualities and potentials, to trigger the project. It turns out that the project detaches from any formal or stylistic research, and becomes rather an experimentation on the worlds that surround us, the general frenzy, the formalities of the administrations, the reality of the standards in force: a mean for questioning and reinventing."


Zurich (CH)

  • "Möglichkeiten maximieren", Umbau+Renovieren, 04.2021

  • "On-off mit dem Dorf", a conversation with Jenny Keller and Roland Züger, werk, bauen+wohnen, 03.2021 (ISSN 0257-9332)

  • "The Permanent Weekend House", project featured in "Les meilleures projets d'architecture de la Documentation Suisse du Bâtiment", 03.2021 (ISSN 2571-8061)

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