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​© Anna & Eugeni Bach

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Anna & Eugeni Bach is a Finnish-Spanish architecture studio based in Barcelona working within a broad concept of architecture. Their interests spread across four activities: Professional, through public and private projects ranging from art installations, interior design, housing, public buildings and public space design which have been showcased in venues like the Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019 - 2020, the Spanish Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2016 (Golden Lion), or in their solo exhibition “Elective Affinities” in different Spanish locations in 2015; Academic, as associate professors at ETSAB UPC, ETSALS URL and EINA UAB; Research, being part of PhD research groups at ETSAB University and via projects and installations that deal with the perception of space; and Culture, being active in the boards of different associations that promote the values of architecture for society, as well as curators of the XVth Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial.


Barcelona (ES)

  • Anna & Eugeni Bach, Bisman Ediciones, Buenos Aires, 2022.

  • XV Spanish Architecture and Urbanism Biennial, Ed. Arquia, Madrid, 2021

  • Mies missing Materiality, Ed. Mies van der Rohe Foundation, Barcelona, 2019.

  • Más vivienda por menos, Ed. Los libros de la catarata / Fundación Arquia, Madrid, 2015.

  • Anna & Eugeni Bach, Ed. Scalae, Barcelona, 2013.

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​© Eugeni Bach

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​© Adrià Goula

F_A_G_Anna & Eugeni Bach_Mies Missing Materiality.jpg

​© Eugeni Bach

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