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F / A 


 © Helenio Barbetta

F / A 

In 2019, the AMArchitectrue studio founded and directed by Stefania Agostini and Luca Mostarda launched a competition open to young creatives from all over the world who were interested in proposing, through the realisation of an object of use, their own response to the reflection on the theme FakeAuthentic, which was inspired by the location that would host the event, the MAS Museo D'Arte e Scienza in Piazza Castello.

The idea of forming a collective stemmed from the desire to actively participate in the cultural life of Milan by bringing an international, ironic, spontaneous and sometimes critical contribution, giving space to those minor entities, the so-called freelancers, celebrating their work through an appropriate curatorship, conceived and studied, from the architecture of the layout to the graphics, from the technical and logistical organisation to the communication and promotion, with the intention of celebrating the works on display and their creators.

F / A FakeAuthentic as a result of its success has become a travelling exhibition, travelling between Italy, Switzerland and Belgium, welcomed and in demand at fairs and galleries, and annually during Milan Design Week it renews the invitation to participate in the competition to new talents.

In 2021, the F / A FakeAuthentic ICONICIRONIC event was hosted in the wonderful spaces of Galleria Antonia Jannone Disegni di Architettura. Afterwards, the exhibition was shown at the Belgian Art & Design Fair in Ghent and will soon move to Brussels to take part in Collectible. 

The 2022 edition F / A FakeAuthentic MISTAKES! will present within the spaces of ASSABONE the 19 selected participants with works created in response to this year's proposed theme (MISTAKES!). 


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